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MSANC Board of Directors 2018-2019

Medical Student Association of Northern Cyprus (MSANC), is a non-governmental association which represents all medical students in Northern Cyprus which  includes medical students in Near East University, Kyrenia University and Eastern Mediterranean University.

MSANC is part of a bigger family called IFMSA an abbreviation for International Federation of Medical Student Association. IFMSA founded in 1951, is one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organisations. It represents, connects and engages every day with medical students from 135 NMOs in 125 countries around the globe. 

It is an officially registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) in consultative status with the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It is also recognised by and collaborates with several UN agencies such WHO, UNESCO and UNAIDS.

IFMSA brings people together to exchange, discuss and initiate projects to create a healthier world. It gives its members the skills and resources to be health leaders. It advocates for pressing issues that matter to shape the world we want. And it does deliver: our projects, our campaigns and our activities positively impact the physicians-to be and the communities they serve.

Luckily we have been part of IFMSA and been accept as part of their big family 2 years ago, in the summer of 2017, in August Meeting which was held in Tanzania. By majority voting, we got elected and became candidate members in IFMSA. 

One of the main goals and purposes of this association is to connect local students with the world by exposing them to other cultures through exchange programs which lasts for a month. Furthermore, MSANC also guides medical students on how to improve the health system in their country, teaches students about ethics, human rights, acceptance of others, leadership and self-empowerment. 

Year 2016-2017:

The entire idea was brought up by one of Near East University Medical students’ who now is a medical doctor, her name is Gülperi Ateş.

Gülperi came up with this idea by thinking about the future of medical students in Northern Cyprus and how can she connect all those students to the outer world and improve the health care system in this country. 

After she worked hard on this idea, she ended up gathering a group of her friends whom she thought could contribute to the success of this association and  together they were able to represent Northern Cyprus in IFMSA meetings and got us into this big association. Thanks to her amazing work we are currently able to represent ourselves as medical students of Northern Cyprus in IFMSA, which is the most prestigious medical student association out there. 

An important day to note for MSANC is August,2017. On that specific month in Tanzania, MSANC officially became a candidate member in IFMSA for the first time.

Year 2017-2018:

A new team was formed by elections in hope that the legacy will continue. Almost everyone from the old team has left the association and it was in the hands of new medical students who were eager to grow this association more. 

The entire team worked very hard from the start as they were new to this association and each one of those members had to figure out what they had to do. Yet they were able to overcome some struggles and were able to achieve some remarkable achievements.

Our first successful project for that year, made by Zeliha Kocaismail, was Blue Elephant project, was shared among IFMSA projects which is registered in our name. Moreover, the project was also presented in the activity fair which was hosted in Hurghada, Egypt in IFMSA March Meeting, 2018.

In August, 2018  two of MSANC representatives went to Montreal, Canada to further represent our association and introduce the world to Northern Cyprus. During that meeting, we were able to sign 24 bilateral contracts with 19 different countries. Which means, in the summer of 2019, we will be sending 24 medical students from Northern Cyprus to one of those countries for a month, to train in a hospital and at the same time hosting 24 medical students from those respective countries in our university. 

Year 2018-2019:

The year started with elections, almost the entire old team left and a new team was appointed. The new team is composed of highly motivated and enthusiatic medical students from different cultures, backgrounds, faculties and phases. Luckily enough thanks to our current president, our team is well guided and has a clearer vision and goals set ahead to achieve. We have seen that the guidance, vision and goals were clear by things our team have done in the first two months after being appointed into their respective positions. We are half way through this year, and we are looking good and stronger than ever. And of course, more great things are yet to come.

The year started with a social event (MSANC Welcome Party) which was solely aimed to introduce medical students in all universities to their new national team members of MSANC. The event was a success based on the reviews of those who attended. We had over 350 participants joining us in this celebration which was memorable.

The second event which was made by MSANC, was a symposium regarding HIV/AIDS awareness which was hosted in Near East University on the 20th of December, 2018. For further details about this event please review the events page. 

MSANC after that hosted more than 5 events which you can read about in our event page.

Participation in IFMSA meetings:

March Meeting 19:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   MSANC sent 4 of its delegates to attend and represent Northern Cyprus in IFMSA March Meeting, 2019 which was held in Portorož, Slovenia. The 4 delegates attended different standing committees according to their working areas and interest. 

August Meeting 19:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In IFMSA August Meeting 2019, which took place in Taipei, Taiwan; Northern Cyprus was represented by the President of MSANC, Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin and the local exchange officer, Mohammad Essam. Our delegates had two main goals to achieve,  

  1. Upgrading MSANC membership in IFMSA from candidate to associate members 
  2. Signing 35 bilateral contracts in SCOPE and 7 unilateral/bilateral contracts in SCORE. 

However, things didn’t go as planned. 

After getting prepared to present their candidature to upgrade MSANC’s membership to associates, MSANC was approached by IFMSA Executive Board regarding the membership in the federation. MSANC was informed, that unfortunately MSANC’s membership wasn’t aligned with IFMSA constitution and bylaws and that MSANC may be removed. This was a confusing and deeply saddening situation, especially when it was revealed that this issue was pointed out by a certain country as soon as the AM has started. 

IFMSA Executive Board helped MSANC through every step of the process and advised MSANC to withdraw their candidature and not to proceed just before the plenary where, MSANC was supposed to be presenting their candidature explaining that it might cause more conflict and complicate the situation further. At that specific moment, we felt that certain decisions were affected by governmental interference which tried to deviate the federation from its main purpose which is to include and not exclude and to serve society and medical students all over the world through its member organizations.  

After multiple discussions throughout the general assembly, during president’s sessions and plenaries, the only possible solution for MSANC to join and be part of IFMSA was for IFMSA to send MSANC a standing invitation. According to bylaw 2.8: “the above paragraph “2.7” applies to all members except: Entries that received a standing invitation to participate as a member. Extending a standing invitation is decided by the General Assembly with a two-thirds majority”.  

First, according to motion #99, to terminate the membership of MSANC – Northern Cyprus in the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations on the 31st of October, confirming our exchange students won’t be affected, and passed by 2/3rd majority (59 votes in favour, 9 against and 11 abstain). Followed by motion #100, to send a standing invitation to MSANC – Northern Cyprus which also passed by 2/3rd majority (59 votes in favour, 11 against and 9 abstain).  

After extensive discussion and through efforts, we are thrilled to share with Northern Cyprus that, MSANC will be presenting their candidature to be back into IFMSA in the upcoming March Meeting 20 which will take place in Rwanda. Receiving this standing invitation will give MSANC the right to apply for full membership in IFMSA in the upcoming 3 years and will further give MSANC the right to be one of the National Member Organizations that have the right to vote on important decisions that IFMSA considers which includes policy documents.  

MSANC would like to thank all of their supporters whole-heartedly! 

Some honorable mentions include 

1) President of MSANC, Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin for standing up and defending the rights of medical students in Northern Cyprus to be part of IFMSA and obtaining the standing invitation. 

2) TurkMSIC for always standing on what they believe is right and fair, on the side of those who are in need and in helping us secure our rights in being in IFMSA. 

3) IFMSA Team of Officials, who went through all the documents, decisions and struggles to assure that we get to remain in this prestigious federation. 

4) Near East University and the student deanship, for their constant support and for sponsoring our trip to Taiwan, hosting and agreeing to host a bigger amount of students for the exchange program.  

5) The academicians who worked with us to activate research exchange by sharing with us their projects.

6) Last but not least, every single person who stood by our side and supported us morally to reach to this stage.

MSANC Mentor & Advisor

Emil Mammadov, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Paediatric Surgery

Dr. Emil Mammadov is one of the most known and respected surgeons in this country. He is the head of paediatric surgery department in Near East University.

Dr. Mammadov completed his medical education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1998-2004. 

In year 2005, Dr. Mammadov started to specialize in Pediatric Surgery at the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University and successfully completed his specialization in 2010. During this period he has conducted experimental and clinical studies, published scientific articles and has attended many international congresses.

Between the years 2010-2011, he has participated actively in robotic surgery and took the first steps in this branch specialization at Florence Nightingale Hospital, Minimal Invasive and Robotic Surgery Center.

He is the Co-Founder and Medical Supervisor NEU3D Laboratories in Near East University.

In 2011, Dr. Mammadov started his career at the Near East University Hospital.

Furthermore, Dr. Mammadov has guided MSANC members since it was founded in the year of 2016. With his help and wisdom, he contributed to all the success MSANC has done throughout the year and we shall always be grateful for his work.

We would like to highlight that during his studies in Hacettepe University, Dr. Mammadov was the National Officer on Research exchange in TurkMSIC. 

For contact: dremilmammadov@gmail.com

Team Of Officials
Executive Board Members

Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin

MSANC President

Intern.Dr. Sultan is a 6th year medical student from Venezuela, studying in Near East University, hoping to become a successful Surgeon.

He was a top seeded tennis player both in Al-Ain & Swaida city. He got the honour to play with 2 of the world top 10 ATP tennis players David Ferrer and Robin Soderling when he was in high school. Furthermore, he also excelled in many types of sports (table tennis, basketball, football, swimming & horseback riding).

Successfully completed the Professional Research Exchange Trainers workshop at the SRT Turkey, held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 19-23 June 2018, organised by TurkMSIC.

Served as the president of MSANC for the term of 2018-2019 and was re-elected for the presidency for the term of 2019-2020.

Founder and creator of this website. 

Established the latest amended MSANC Constitution and Bylaws, 2019 version. 

Head of delegation in the following IFMSA meetings: Austria EuRegMe18, Slovenia March Meeting19, Taiwan August Meeting19 and Rwanda March Meeting20. 

Obtained standing invitation for MSANC to rejoin IFMSA during AM19 after presenting and getting 2/3rd majority of all votes, allowing MSANC to apply for candidate membership but with the ability of becoming full members.

Obtained MSANC their candidate membership during MM20, which took place in Rwanda, after successfully presenting MSANC candidature and obtaining 2/3rd majority of all votes. 

He is motivated to join medical students from all over the world in aim to change the world for the best. Some of his goals for this term are: involve and reach out to as many people as possible, activate his NMO in all standing committees and guide everyone to the right path which is the path of success and humanity.

For contact: msanc.president@gmail.com


General Secretary

To be filled in MSANC upcoming National General Assembly (NGA).

Asu Özince

Vice-President Internal (VPI)

Asu Özince is a 4rd year medical student from Turkey, studying in Near East University, who wants to be a paediatrician and wants to change children’s and adolescents life who need to help and support.

Served as the vice-president internal of MSANC for the term of 2018-2019 and was re-elected for the vice-president internal for the term of 2019-2020.

In 2016, Asu joined Near East University Medical Students Association (NEUMSA) as an assistant and she attended all events, then in 2017, she became projects and activities director in MSANC.

Was the Projects and Activities director in NEUMSA for the term of 2018-2019.

She was an exchange student in Internal Medicine Department in Semmelweis University, Hungary in July 2019. When she was in primary school and high school she joined robotics team and attended lots of tournaments with them. Then she founded her own Robotic Team “Paradoks” and her team won prizes in USA and in South Africa. She is still helping them as a mentor. Was ranked second in Europe, in the Biology Olympiad in Czech Republic.

Was chosen “Golden Child” by Turkish Republic. She graduated from Science and Art Center (BILSEM) for gifted and talented students. She has a certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies.

Lastly, Asu is a volunteer in FIRST Lego Leagues since 2012 and she is attending 4 tournaments in Turkey every year.

For contact: msanc.vpi @gmail.com 


Vice-President for External Affairs (VPE)

To be filled in MSANC upcoming National General Assembly (NGA).

Doğu Fırat

Vice-President for Finance (VPF)

Doğu Fırat Arslan is a 2nd year medical student from Cyprus studying in University of Kyrenia and wants
to be a Cardiovascular surgeon.

Doğu is the Vice President Finance in MSANC for the term of 2019-2020.

Doğu is the founder and current president of KUMSA (Kyrenia University Medical Student Association) which is one of the 3 LC’s that are working with MSANC and doing great projects.

He have a curious and researching personality since high school. He has lead almost all science projects in his school and always wanted to be a part of any scientific work. He wants to continue doing researches in the future and wants to be a great medical scientist.

He believes that the world lacks medicine and they need us, future doctors, to achieve it. Its our duty to work hard and make it possible.

For contact: msanc.vpf @gmail.com 

Standing Committee Directors

Sara Darweesh

National Exchange Officer (NEO)

Sara Darweesh is a 2nd-year student from Jordan, studying at Near East University, who aspires to be one of the most successful Cardiac-surgeons.

Sara is the current national Exchange Officer in MSANC for the term 2019/2020.

She served as a Local Exchange Officer in IFMSA-Jo/JUST LC for the term 2018/2019, she Represented IFMSA-Jo at the AM18 in Montreal, Quebec Canada, and participated in the contracts fair.

Sara is a world citizen and a traveler, she loves exploring new cultures and reading about history and psychology, she is also a pianist and, she also believes that the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.

Prior to MSANC, Sara worked as a Leader, OC, and volunteer in different standing committees and she presented “here I am” Mental health project at the AM18 activities fair which was ranked in the 4th place.

Last but not least she believes that there is nothing greater in this world than the mere thought of leaving behind a mark that is how our spirit lives on, in the experiences that we make, the stories that we write and co-write, that is how we become immortal.

For contact: msanc.neo @gmail.com

Emine Ece Bayrak

National Officer on Research Exchange

Emine Ece Bayrak is a second year medical student from Turkey, studying in University of Kyrenia.

Ece is the National Officer on Research Exchange in MSANC for the term 2019-2020. She is also the Local Officer on Professional Exchange of KUMSA.

She believes the aspects of the student exchange that looks intimidating are actually the ones that make the experience memorable and she is here to make it easier.

She participated in organizing festivals, while getting on the stage on these festivals as a musician in her high school days. She also is a licensed basketball player. She believes if you have more than one responsibility for your life you get the vision to fulfill every single one of them better.

She is a multitasker.

For contact: msanc.nore @gmail.com


National Officer on Reproductive Health & Aids (NORA)

To be filled in MSANC upcoming National General Assembly (NGA).

Amin Alasfar

National Officer on Human Rights & Peace


For contact: msanc-norp @outlook.com

Ipek Baykan

National Officer on Public health

Ipek is a phase 5 medical student in Near East University who has been involved in various charity work and organization in prior years and is currently National Public Health officer in MSANC.

Last year she had a chance to be one of the first people going on exchange in summer which inspired her to be in the medical association in the first place. 

Other than school work, she did judo for 1.5 year and volleyball for 5 years and was involved in French theatre club in middle school. 

Her ambition is to make the most use of herself by helping people and organizing events for students to benefit from while making great

For contact: msanc.npo @gmail.com


National Officer on Medical Education

To be filled in MSANC upcoming National General Assembly (NGA).

Supportive Division

Rahaf Alalami

Director of Projects & Activities

Rahaf Alalami is a 2nd year medical student studying in Near East University.

She is the director of projects and activities in MSANC for the term of 2019-2020.

She has volunteered in beach cleaning campaigns, participated in Shakespeare plays and think science competitions conducted by her school. 

Moreover, she has attended the AIDS awareness conference organized by MSANC and is looking forward to a great year with the team.

For contact: msanc.pa @gmail.com

Eyad Izmekna

Director of Publication & Communication


For contact: msanc.pc @gmail.com

Supervisory Board Members

Hussein AlQarqani

NEU Supervisory Board

Stj.Dr Hussein is a 5th year medical student from Libya, studying in Near East University, who is seeking a future career in interventional radiology.

He was a top form volleyball player during his high school years, playing for his high school, local club and the city association teams while also being team captain for all mentioned teams.

He believes, looks forward to and works on having a world with peace for all.

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest and stand up for what is right.”

Hussein is one of the 3 Supervisory Board Members for the term of 2019-2020. His work revolves around making sure everyone is following the rules and prevent any illegal actions and provide justice.

For contact: msanc.sb @gmail.com


EMU Supervisory Board

To be filled in MSANC upcoming National General Assembly (NGA).

For contact: msanc.sb @gmail.com

Osman Varsat

KU Supervisory Board

Osman Varsat is a 1st year medical Student from Turkey studying in University of Kyrenia.

 He is one of the 3 Supervisory Board members for the term of 2019-2020. 

He endeavors to ensure that he and others do their work disciplined and in accordance with the rules. In his first year, Osman joined Kyrenia University Medical Students Association as an assistant of SCORP,
then now he is the General Secretary in KUMSA.

He has been taking important steps in his dream of being a doctor since his childhood and he is happy to take part in associations related to his profession.

He has been involved in theater for 6 years and dancing Latin for two years.

He wants to be a successful doctor who helps people with his profession.

For contact: msanc.sb @gmail.com

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