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MSANC Board of Directors 2018-2019


Medical Students’ Association of Northern Cyprus (MSANC) is a non-governmental association representing all medical students in Northern Cyprus, including medical students in Near East University, Kyrenia University, and Eastern Mediterranean University.

MSANC is part of a more prominent family called IFMSA, an abbreviation for the International Federation of Medical Student Association. IFMSA, founded in 1951, is one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organisations. It represents, connects and engages every day with medical students from 135 NMOs in 125 countries around the globe.

IFMSA is an officially registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) in consultative status with the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It is also recognised by and collaborates with several UN agencies such as WHO, UNESCO and UNAIDS.

IFMSA brings people together to exchange, discuss and initiate projects to create a healthier world. It gives its members the skills and resources to be health leaders. It advocates for pressing issues that matter to shape the world we want. And it does deliver: our projects, our campaigns and our activities positively impact the physicians-to be and the communities they serve.

We are proud to say that we joined the IFMSA family in August of 2017 in IFMSA August Meeting Tanzania and been part of it for almost 4 years.

One of our association’s main goals and purposes is to connect local students with the world by exposing them to other cultures through IFMSA general assemblies, training and exchanging programs, and facilitating their interactions with other medical students worldwide. Furthermore, MSANC also guides medical students on improving the health care system, teaches students about medical education and essential techniques to be a good physician, teaches them about ethics, human rights, acceptance of others, leadership and self-empowerment.

History of MSANC

The year 2016-2017:

Enthusiastic medical students’ who mostly were part of the Near East University Medical Student Association, thought of gathering all medical students in Northern Cyprus under one association representing them internationally.

MSANC first president, Gülperi Ateş, is one of the principal founders who thought about the future of medical students here in Northern Cyprus. She wondered how she could connect them to the world and improve the health care system in North Cyprus. Such thoughts had led her to start an association that represents medical students in Northern Cyprus externally and build a bridge of connection with the world.

Together with the newly established team, they represented Northern Cyprus as observers in IFMSA March Meeting 17 and started their first step towards joining the International Federation. Thus, thanks to their fantastic work and initiative, we can represent ourselves as Medical Students’ of Northern Cyprus in IFMSA, the most prestigious medical student association globally.

IFMSA August Meeting 2017, Tanzania, MSANC officially became a candidate member of IFMSA for the first time.

The year 2017-2018:

A new term has started with a new team elected, hoping that the legacy of being in IFMSA will continue. Most members from the first team had left the association to continue their studies, and it was in the hands of new medical students who were eager to grow this association.

The entire team started working hard to overcome previous struggles that had faced the group. Our members’ perseverance led to some remarkable achievements during this term, such as activating the standing committee of professional exchange (SCOPE) in IFMSA, allowing the world to discover our beloved island.

In addition, MSANC shared its first international project in IFMSA, the Blue Elephant project, which Zeliha Kocaismail did. As a result, IFMSA added this project to the IFMSA activities database under our association name. Moreover, we had the opportunity to present this project during the activity fair in Hurghada, Egypt, in IFMSA March Meeting, 2018.

In August 2018, Montreal-Canada, Parla Ulual, MSANC President and Arda Atamtürk Vice President for External Affairs, have participated in IFMSA AM18 to represent our association. During this meeting, and for the first time, we signed 24 SCOPE bilateral contracts with 19 different countries. By signing the agreements, in the summer of 2019, we will be sending 24 medical students from Near East University, Northern Cyprus, to those countries we agreed with for a month, training in their hospitals, discovering their cultures and experiencing a new health care system. In addition, during that time, we will be hosting 24 medical students from those respective countries at Near East University.

The year 2018-2019:

A new term had arrived, and MSANC National General Assembly took place in Near East University with members from all three medical universities. Unfortunately, many members from the previous term had left the team, and with the elections in the General Assembly, we established a new group. This team, unlike previous ones, was composed of highly motivated and enthusiastic medical students coming from different cultures, backgrounds, faculties and phases, which showed how far our influence had reached medical students in Northern Cyprus. The lack of experience in the new team was taken care of by the experience and knowledge of the newly elected President Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin and Vice President for Internal Affairs Asu Ozince. As a result, the team was well guided and had a clearer vision and goals set ahead to achieve. This new approach to the newly elected members showed a favourable outcome through the new team’s work in the first two months of the term. Halfway through the year, and we were looking much better and stronger than ever. And of course, we expected more great things to come.

The year started with a social event (MSANC Welcome Party) to introduce medical students in all universities to their new national team members of MSANC. The event was a success based on the reviews of those who attended. Over 350 participants joined us in this memorable celebration which further motivated the new team spirit.

The second main event made by MSANC held a conference about HIV/AIDS awareness hosted in Near East University on the 20th of December, 2018.

After this successful event, we facilitated more than five other leading events, including the International Women’s Day Event, in which we had many honourable guests. To learn more about the details of those events, check out our events and posts page.

Participation in IFMSA meetings:

March Meeting 19: 

MSANC Executive Board members and their mentor, with the support of Near East University, sent 4 of its delegates to represent Northern Cyprus in IFMSA March Meeting, 2019, which took place in Portorož, Slovenia. According to Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin, President of MSANC, each of us, including Asu Ozince, Irem Tekin, and Simge Cibros, attended a different standing committee session related to their working areas and what we felt was needed to grow our association. Those who attended shared the experience and lessons learned among MSANC members extending everyone’s knowledge.

August Meeting 19:

During August Meeting 2019 Taipei, Taiwan; Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin MSANC President, Mohammad Essam Local Exchange Officer, and Amin Alasfar, Local Capacity Building director, represented our association in what was marked to be a memorable assembly. Our delegates had two primary goals to achieve,  

  1. Upgrade MSANC membership in IFMSA from candidate to associate membership 
  2. Signing 35 bilateral contracts in SCOPE and 7 unilateral/bilateral contracts in SCORE. 

However, due to unfortunate events, things didn’t go as planned and intended. 

While preparing to present our candidature, the MSANC president was called to a meeting by IFMSA Executive Board regarding MSANC membership in the Federation. Unfortunately, one of the IFMSA Executive Board members had informed us that our membership isn’t aligned with IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws. Therefore, MSANC may be removed due to the previously adopted decision when we first joined IFMSA in AM17 Tanzania. To be informed about our association losing its membership in IFMSA was a confusing and profoundly saddening situation, especially when it was pointed out by another medical student association just before August Meeting took place due to political reasons.

IFMSA Executive Board helped us through every step of the process and advised our president Sultan to withdraw MSANC candidature and not proceed with the presentation, explaining that it might cause more conflict and complicate the situation further. At that specific moment, we felt that certain decisions were affected by governmental interference, which tried to deviate the Federation from its primary purpose, which is to include and not to exclude and to serve society and medical students all over the world through its member organisations without political, religious, social, racial, national, sexual or any other discrimination.

After multiple discussions throughout the general assembly, during the president’s sessions and plenaries, the only possible solution for MSANC to join and be part of IFMSA was for IFMSA to send MSANC a standing invitation for us to be aligned with IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws. According to bylaw 2.8: “the above paragraph “2.7” applies to all members except: Entries that received a standing invitation to participate as a member. Extending a standing invitation is decided by the General Assembly with a two-thirds majority”.

The first decision made, motion #99, to terminate the membership of MSANC – Northern Cyprus in the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations on the 31st of October, confirming our exchange students won’t be affected, which passed by 2/3rd majority (59 votes in favour, 9 against and 11 abstentions). Before voting this motion, our President Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin shared the following statement with all participants during the plenary: 

” Dear NMOs,

Speaking on behalf of the Medical Students’ Association of Northern Cyprus in this general assembly of a federation that house more than 1 million students from all around the world, to address and clear away the fog of misinformation surrounding some issues that were raised about our association.

We aim to create a safe space for our members locally and nationally and make their voice heard, just as IFMSA does internationally. Northern Cyprus hosts people from all over the world and MSANC TO itself is composed of people coming from different parts of the world.

Since one NMO raised safety concerns during president sessions, we would like to explain our side of the story. We conceive this as an overly scrutinising matter and a contradiction to what we strive for in IFMSA, to include and never to exclude. Safety matters can find its way to discussions about virtually any country, and this runs weak as a valid argument about the grave matter of exclusion of 2000 members waiting to be represented as they should be.

We have made every effort and still do to be active in all standing committees. We recently became SCORE active, and the only standing committee we lack projects within is SCOME. And as it looks like today, we will never get the chance to be active in all committees; a dream is taken away from us.

In the past 2 years and a whopping 5 GAs past, we never got approached about our situation. So we were shocked about this suddenly appearing right in the process of preparing to present our candidature, which is confusing and deeply saddening. We were advised to withdraw our candidature and not to proceed just before the plenary of the membership upgrades presentations started, as it would have caused more conflict.

A quite similar issue was brought to attention previously within last GAs about Kosovo, and happily, the situation was handled well and took another turn, leading to the establishment of KOMS – Kosovo. However, the fate of the situation and the conscious decision-making processes seems ambiguous in our case.

Considering that we, as a diligently working medical students organisation who try to make an impact and be a part of the greater Federation whom we find refuge in, it is shocking news for us that we are not allowed to be an associate member to TurkMSIC because of the obligations to the United Nations’ Geoscheme which is also stated in our bylaws. It also doesn’t seem likely that it will be possible for us to be an associate member of CyMSA due to what has happened before and during August Meeting, Tanzania, in 2017. This must have been the most applicable option according to our bylaws point 2.31. Hence we will consequently be removed altogether since it is required as such for a standing invitation. Following this unfortunate removal, we will lose all we built, all our friends, and our safe place where we felt like home.

In summary, we aren’t allowed to be associate members of Turkey, nor we can be part of Cyprus as we won’t be accepted; we believe everyone in this room is now well informed that it leads to one and a certain ending. However, we do hope that we can return back to this Federation and I can assure you that we will come back stronger than before. Ultimately, we want all the medical students that we represent to be given a voice as they deserve in IFMSA.

This is not a goodbye, its a see you later.

Thank you.

Following the previous motion is motion #100 to send a standing invitation to MSANC – Northern Cyprus, passed by a 2/3rd majority (59 votes in favour, 11 against and 9 abstentions).  

Obtaining the standing invitation meant that we could present our candidature to be part of IFMSA in the upcoming March Meeting 20 which will occur in Rwanda. What’s remarkable about receiving a standing invitation is that it will allow MSANC to apply for full membership in IFMSA in the upcoming three years and give MSANC the right to be one of the National Member Organisations with voting rights.

The year 2019-2020:

During our 4th National General Assembly, and after electing a new team of official members, our association’s new constitution and bylaw had been adopted. Having a more inclusive and detailed bylaw, we aimed to develop our association for the long run sustainably, ensuring it is aligned with IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws since we will be applying to be part of their family once again.

Working outside of IFMSA, our primary focus was to present our candidature during the upcoming MM20 and allow our students to be represented again internationally.

March Meeting 20:

For March Meeting 2020 Kigali, Rwanda, MSANC was able to send two delegates to represent it. The first delegate is the President of MSANC, Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin, who will be leading the plenaries, presenting MSANC candidature and defending the rights of medical students in Northern Cyprus in IFMSA. The second delegate is the National Exchange Officer, Sara Darweesh, who is activating professional exchange again.

Unlike any other meeting, this General Assembly meeting was filled with many obstacles and burdens that our delegates had to face. Most noticeably were the several attempts that a medical association made to deny us our rights in being part of IFMSA due to political motives. For example, after presenting our candidature and answering all the questions given to us, one association said the following: “The flag of Northern Cyprus was the flag of a disputed area, and that is a political statement. And IFMSA is not a place for political statements.”

The president of our association firmly defended the Northern Cyprus flag and the right of existence regardless of our status in the United Nations, stating that: “We have the right to show our country and to use our flag like any other organising member here in IFMSA. And regarding removing our flag, when other non-recognised members remove their flag, we will remove ours”. Regardless of those attempts, our country’s flag remained up high for everyone to see and confirm that this is not a place to discuss political matters.

Our hard work and the moral stance taken by our representative earned the respect of many national member organisations who also stood up for us and against such political interventions.

On the 5th of March, 2020, the plenary regarding adopting changes of status of National Member Organisation and admission of a new National Member Organisation took place. During this plenary, the vote whether we join the Federation as candidate members or not. Motion #70, To accept Medical Students’ Association of Northern Cyprus (MSANC) as a candidate member of IFMSA. Motion passed by a simple majority (64 votes in favour, 11 against and 10 abstentions).

This date marks the moment we officially became candidate members of IFMSA, fully aligned with its Constitution and Bylaws, and have the right to upgrade our membership status without any obstacle.

The year 2020-2021:

After facing a rough year due to the pandemic which had affected the world and halted everyone’s activities, we were able to overcome certain burdens and start facilitating multiple online events, many aiming at raising awareness in the hope to spread factual knowledge and pointing out myths, and therefore, helping health care works.

Due to this extraordinary situation, our General Assembly had to be done Online for safety concerns. Therefore, the MSANC mentor and president carefully did our Team of Officials selection, and they chose the best of the best to lead our Federation based on their qualifications and experiences.

The newly-elected team, led by President Asu Ozince, decided to make the most significant step in the history of MSANC, applying to obtain full membership status in IFMSA. After this decision, the entire team worked even harder in their respective fields and hosted multiple online events. Some of those events were: Autism Talk, World Cancer day, COVID-19 Aftershock, Specialisation, Volunteering, Equality and Vaccine production, challenges and nationalism.

March Meeting 21:

As the world is still facing the pandemic, IFMSA Marching Meeting took place through an online meeting.

For the first time, MSANC was present with all its official members and members from a local committee at maximum capacity. The following are the attendees and the sessions they had participated in:

President Sessions :
Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin – Honourable Alumni
Asu Özince – MSANC President
Abdullah Murat Kahraman – Vice President for External Affairs (VPE)

NMO Management:
İlayda Feray Yayla – Secretary General (Secgen)

Fatemehossadat Ekrami – National Officer on Medical Education (NOME)
Canan İlgu – Vice President for Internal Affairs (VPI)

Candost Sarıçoban – National Officer on Research Exchange (NORE)
Aysu Özbek – Supervisory Board Member (SupCo)

Amin Alasfar – National Officer on Human Rights and Peace (NORP)
Sait Baran Durhan – Local Officer on Human Rights and Peace (LORP)

Rahaf Alalami – National Public Health Officer (NPO)
Aya Ali – Projects and Activities Director (PA)

SCORA : ♥️
Erva Öztürk – National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS (NORA)
Suğde Aktun – Local Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS (LORA)

Sara Darweesh: National Exchange Officer (NEO)

During Plenary 3, 6th of March, 2020, we presented our candidature to the world. The presentation covered our history as an association, the work we had done during all those years, our local committees, financial sustainability and IFMSA participations. Each member from the Team of Official contributed to the beautiful presentation. Following our presentation was a Q&A segment in which any National Member Organisation asks us any question regarding our candidature application. For that, our Honourable Alumni, Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin, was presently heading the plenary session representing our association to answer any question about MSANC due to his exceptional experience.

Unfortunately, once again our members encountered a discriminative and politically motivated statement for simply being part of Northern Cyprus. 

Unfortunately, our members encountered a discriminative and politically motivated statement for simply being part of Northern Cyprus.
However, this time we had a more firm stance against such harmful motives. On behalf of the MSANC President, our Honourable Alumni shared the following statement in response to concerns, claims and allegations against MSANC on the server:

” Dear IFMSA family,

Thank you for the EB for sending out this clarification to NMO’s regarding the process that has been ongoing throughout our journey of 4 years since we joined IFMSA. 

However, we would like to point out some of the things that we noticed in the email to be one-sided and to explain from our perspective to NMO’s.

Firstly, we believe that an email like this should have been shared much earlier than ONE day before the voting to avoid a potential wrong assumption which we believe can affect the way people vote when they only get to hear one perspective.  

However, as stated in the EB email, our first approach when we wanted to become members of this federation was through CyMSA-Cyprus, who refused us as associates due to political stance, and our only solution to join IFMSA then was through TurkMSIC-Turkey, who accepted our approach after consultations. In our first 2 years and a total of 5 GAs, we never got approached about the situation we were in. No one had any complaints, until suddenly the complaints appeared hours before we were going to present our candidature for an upgrade. Therefore, our only option was through a standing invitation which we obtained rightfully in Taiwan – AM19.

Our efforts throughout those years were to be accepted and included in IFMSA regardless of the membership status we were in. We have accepted all decisions that were recommended to us, even though many of the decisions were of very short notice and it had a harmful effect on us. Yet, we stood by the fact that we should be in alignment with IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws and that’s where we are now. We hoped that us doing so will finally allow us to enjoy a peaceful stay in IFMSA without feeling bullied or discriminated against. A feeling our previous NMO president, who is with us, never got to experience in AM19 and MM20. 

During MM20, as CyMSA-Cyprus stated in their statement, we did have a private meeting discussing this special mandate. We would like to also point out a very important thing that our president, Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin, told them that MSANC is ready to agree on having no voting rights nor external representation if this meant that we can have a seat in IFMSA with no political interventions. We thought at least we can agree to some extent but sadly, this wasn’t the case. After our presentation, CyMSA-Cyprus, like many other times in our journey, made a political statement in which they once again portrayed us like villains and used political propaganda again.

Coming to this OGA we had our hopes to once at least be able to have an adult conversation without bringing up the history and political propaganda. Unfortunately, for the 3rd time, we have received another political and discriminative statement engulfed with many accusations which we are not responsible for in any way and goes back years before most of us were born. We refrain from discussing any political matter in IFMSA nor history since like every other NMO here today we have moments in our history books we are proud of, and moments in our history we could have done better. Involving wars, massacres, and crimes in our candidature makes no sense and just shows a high level of disrespect. And if you think that this statement was the only disrespectful thing this OGA, you are wrong. Also, today we saw that CyMSA-Cyprus continues with their lobbying to vote against us, by contacting NMOs individually on different social platforms in hope of convincing them to vote against us. This is certainly not fair nor ethical. 

We would like to clear out that if MSANC obtains their full membership status, it doesn’t mean that IFMSA recognizes Northern Cyprus as a separate nation nor taking any stance in the political question. It ONLY gives the chance to students represented by MSANC to finally be part of this association and help us work for global health. IFMSA stands for inclusiveness and we have several members such as Taiwan, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Palestine which all are members and have adapted to work around the political issues, so why is it that hard to allow MSANC to do the same?

Besides, obtaining our full membership doesn’t go against IFMSA fundamental values of unity and human rights as mentioned, nor does it mean that we forever will be full members. We are very positive to see the discussions going on regarding “special membership” but also believe that excluding us until a solution is found is not the correct way forward. To exclude an organisation because of such a matter when you have already included others is firmly biased, discriminative, and morally wrong! 

Lastly, in any kind of circumstance that you would contact an embassy regarding a territory, of course, they would have a strict stance against it. MSANC joining this Federation will not pose problems and this email is very one-sided on the matter, this can especially be seen in the example with the “traffic accident”. If you break the law in any country you risk up ending up in custody and IFMSAs doesn’t have any power to intervene over the law, no matter if it is UN recognised country or not

Also, we have been successfully part of the IFMSA Exchange programs for a year with no problems nor complaints. 

Like other NMOs within the Federation who had previously received a standing invitation we will promise to always work with the best intention of the Federation and will be active in the discussions about alternative memberships. But to be active we also need to be part of the federation. As stated in the IFMSA constitution, one of the goals of the Federation is to provide a forum for medical students throughout the world to discuss topics. The ways to get involved as a NMO differ. Our way needed a standing invitation. Receiving a standing invitation doesn’t make any of us less worthy to be in IFMSA nor means we work less hard, it only gives all members a chance for meeting students not represented and thereby increase the diversity of our beloved Federation. 

We are aware of the issues around us, and we have and will work with them to grow. We just want our students who have been engaged in IFMSA activities for the past 4 years and done so much work for the association and IFMSA to finally be able to attend a General Assembly with joy and as part of the family.  Without this, we won’t be able to continue as this sends a clear message to us that hard work and dedication aren’t an important aspect that determines your right to be in IFMSA, and that the federation itself doesn’t stand by its constitution and inclusiveness, which might mark the end of our journey in IFMSA, as physically and mentally we are exhausted after years of working to achieve this dream. “

12th of March is the day that we have all been waiting for. During the 4th plenary, the adoption of status changes of National Member Organizations and admission of new National Member Organisations occurs. Motion #61, To upgrade membership of Medical Students’ Association of Northern Cyprus (MSANC) to full member of IFMSA. Motion passed by 2/3rd majority (57 votes in favour, 15 against and 9 abstentions). 

12th of March is a day to be forever engraved in the history of MSANC. On this particular day, we officially obtained our full membership status in IFMSA.   

We would also like to mention that our National Exchange Officer, Sara Darweesh, had signed contracts with 22 National Member Organisation, a total of 29 bilateral and 2 unilateral agreements. Hopefully, we are expecting to host our incomings in the summer of 2021.

MSANC would like to thank all of its supporters wholeheartedly for believing in us!

Honourable mentions 

1) President of MSANC for the term of 2018-2020, Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin, for standing up and defending the rights of medical students in Northern Cyprus to be part of IFMSA for 3 years, obtaining the standing invitation, candidate membership, and MSANC full membership status in IFMSA, and lastly for establishing a sustainable and friendly environment under which MSANC prospers.

2) President of MSANC for the term of 2020-2021, Asu Özince, for her dedication and hard work since the association’s establishment and for playing a massive role in the association’s development.

3) TurkMSIC for their continuous support and guidance throughout our journey and a leading contributor to our establishment.  

3) IFMSA Team of Officials, who went through all documents, decisions and struggled to assure that we belong in this prestigious Federation.

4) The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Near East University Prof. Dr Irfan Günsel, Near East University Vice-Rector Prof. Dr Tamer Şanlıdağ, Near East University Medical Faculty, Near East University Student Deanship and Assoc. Prof. Dr Emil Mammadov for their constant support, advice and opportunity to represent our country internationally.

5) The academicians who worked with us to activate the standing committee on research exchange by sharing their projects.

6) Last but not least, our friends and families and every single person who stood by our side during our hardships and supported us to become a successful association recognised nationally and internationally.

MSANC Mentor & Advisor

Emil Mammadov, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Paediatric Surgery

Dr. Emil Mammadov is one of the most known and respected surgeons in this country. He is the head of paediatric surgery department in Near East University.

Dr. Mammadov completed his medical education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1998-2004. 

In year 2005, Dr. Mammadov started to specialize in Pediatric Surgery at the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University and successfully completed his specialization in 2010. During this period he has conducted experimental and clinical studies, published scientific articles and has attended many international congresses.

Between the years 2010-2011, he has participated actively in robotic surgery and took the first steps in this branch specialization at Florence Nightingale Hospital, Minimal Invasive and Robotic Surgery Center.

He is the Co-Founder and Medical Supervisor NEU3D Laboratories in Near East University.

In 2011, Dr. Mammadov started his career at the Near East University Hospital.

Furthermore, Dr. Mammadov has guided MSANC members since it was founded in the year of 2016. With his help and wisdom, he contributed to all the success MSANC has done throughout the year and we shall always be grateful for his work.

We would like to highlight that during his studies in Hacettepe University, Dr. Mammadov was the National Officer on Research exchange in TurkMSIC. 

For contact: dremilmammadov@gmail.com

MSANC Alumni

Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin, MD

Near East University Medical Faculty Graduate

Dr. Sultan Jarboue Salaheldin is a graduate medical student from Venezuela, who completed his studies in Near East University as a Medical Doctor.

He was a top-seeded tennis player in both cities, Al-Ain & Swaida. He was honoured to play with two of the world top 10 ATP tennis players, David Ferrer and Robin Soderling, during high school. Furthermore, he also excelled in many types of sports including table tennis, basketball, football, swimming, scuba diving, and horseback riding.


Successfully completed the Professional Research Exchange Trainers workshop at the SRT Turkey that was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 19 till the 23rd of June 2018, organised by TurkMSIC.

Served as the president of MSANC for the term 2018-2019 and was re-elected for the presidency for the term 2019-2020.

Founder and creator of this website. 

Established the latest amended MSANC Constitution and Bylaws, 2019 version. 

Attended IFMSA General Assembly as the Head of the delegation of MSANC in several countries: Austria: EuRegMe18, Slovenia: March Meeting19, Taiwan: August Meeting19 (AM19), Rwanda: March Meeting20 (MM20), and Online General Assembly: August Meeting20“. 

Obtained the “Standing Invitation” for MSANC to rejoin IFMSA during AM19, after successfully presenting and gaining 2/3rd majority of all votes; hence, allowing MSANC to apply again for the IFMSA membership with the ability of becoming full members.

Secured MSANC their candidate membership in IFMSA during MM20, which took place in Rwanda, after successfully presenting MSANC candidature and obtaining 2/3rd majority of all votes. 

Currently was awarded with honorable alumni membership for all of his contributions for MSANC.

For contact: sultanjarboue@hotmail.com

Team Of Officials
Executive Board Members

Asu Özince

MSANC President

Asu Özince is a 5th-year medical student at Near East University, from Turkey, who wants to be a paediatrician and change children’s’ and adolescents’ life, who need help and support.

She was elected as the President for the term 2020-2021. 

Served as the Vice President for Internal Affair in MSANC for the term 2018-2019 and was re-elected for the same position for the term 2019-2020.

In 2016, Asu joined Near East University Medical Students Association (NEUMSA) as an assistant and participated in all events. In 2017, she became the director of Projects and Activities of MSANC.

Was the Projects and Activities Director in NEUMSA for the term 2018-2019.

During primary and high school, she joined the robotics team and attended many tournaments with them. Then, she founded her own Robotics team “Paradoks” which won prizes in the USA and South Africa. She is an active mentor of the team till this day.

Was ranked second in the Biology Olympiad in Czech Republic.

Was chosen “Golden Child” by the Turkish Republic. She graduated from the Science and Art Centre (BILSEM), which is known for gifted and talented students. 

Has a certificate in ballet teaching. 

Volunteered in the First Lego Leagues and First Robotic Competition ever since 2012.

For contact: msanc.president@gmail.com

İlayda Feray Yayla

General Secretary

İlayda Feray Yayla is a 1st-year medical student studying at Near East University.

She was elected as the General Secretary for the term 2020-2021.

She participated in several voluntarily work, which includes dealing with people and animals with disadvantages. 

Has organized and led community involvement projects in various cities.

Her understanding of various responsibilities in clubs taught her kindness and compassion, which led her to develop a principle of contribution towards the community through this voluntary work. 

Attended and learnt sign language in order to develop her communication skills.

In 2016, she worked as a volunteer in Liv Hospital at the Obstetric and Gynaecology department. 

In 2017, she attended the Organic Chemistry Olympics.

In 2018, the team which she mentored, took the first place and won an internship award in “Better Education System in Turkey” Project. 

Tango instructor. Arranged many milongas when she was in high school.

She thinks that putting a smile on someone’s face and touching their sole is a special feeling. That’s one of the reasons why she chose medicine. 

For contact: msanc.secgen@gmail.com

Canan İlgu

Vice-President Internal (VPI)

Stj. Dr Canan İlgu is a 4th-year medical student from Northern Cyprus, studying at Near East University.

She was elected as the Vice President for Internal Affair for the term 2020-2021.

Attended the “AIDS Conference and Workshop” in December 20, 2018.

Played the piano during her high school year and was a member of the scouts.

Attended  “Society for Protection Of Turtles” (SPOT’s), turtle offspring release event, during the nesting season. (still present)

Believes everyone can achieve his/her goals by making time for it and not giving up during difficult times. 

For contact: msanc.vpi@gmail.com

Abdullah Murat Kahraman

Vice-President for External Affairs (VPE)

Abdullah Murat Kahraman is a 5th-year medical student at Near East University, from Turkey, who wants to be a cardiovascular surgeon. His biggest dream is to have the opportunity to save someone’s life through heart translation in order to give them hope and possibility to live longer. 

He was elected as the Vice President for External Affairs for the term 2020-2021.

Was an exchange student in the Gynaecology department at Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey, in July 2019.

In 2016, he joined Near East University Medical Students Association (NEUMSA) as an assistant for 3 years. During that time, he participated in all events. 

Was a top handball player during his high school years. He played as a team captain for his school team, local club and city association team. 

Involved in theatre and Latin dancing for 2 years.

For contact: msanc.vpe@gmail.com


Vice-President for Finance (VPF)

To be filled

For contact: msanc.vpf @gmail.com 

Standing Committee Directors

Sara Darweesh

National Exchange Officer (NEO)

Sara Darweesh is a 3rd-year student at Near East University, from Jordan, who aspires to be one of the most successful cardiac surgeons.

She was elected as the National Exchange Officer (NEO) for the term 2020-2021.

Served as the National Exchange Officer (NEO) in MSANC for the term 2019-2020.

Served as a Local Exchange Officer (LEO) in IFMSA-Jo/JUST LC for the term 2018-2019.

Represented IFMSA-Jo at the AM18 in Montreal, Quebec Canada, and participated in the contracts fair.

A traveller who loves exploring new cultures and reading about their history and psychology.

A pianist.

Worked as a director, a member at the OC, and a volunteer in different standing committees. She presented “Here I Am” Mental Health project at the AM18 activities fair, which was ranked in the 4th place.

Last but not least, she believes that there is nothing greater in this world than the mere thought of leaving behind a mark. This is how our spirit lives on, in the experiences that we make and the stories that we write. This is how we become immortal.

For contact: msanc.neo@gmail.com

Candost Sarıçoban

National Officer on Research Exchange

Candost Sarıçoban is a 1st-year medical student from Turkey, studying at Near East University.

He was elected as the National Officer on Research Exchange (NORE) for the term 2020-2021.

Believes that it is essential for medical students to have the basic skills and knowledge on how to do research. He also firmly believes that Research exchange will provide medical students with an opportunity as well as the experience to be introduced to new cultures.

Did Taekwondo for 7 years and been playing the guitar since childhood, since he thinks it takes away the stress.

For contact: msanc.nore@gmail.com

Erva Öztürk

National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS (NORA)

Erva Öztürk is a 1st-year medical student from Turkey, studying at Near East University, who wants to be an Aesthetician.

She was elected as the National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS (NORA) for the term 2020-2021.

Took part in various foundation activities such as LÖSEV, TEMA etc.

Completed the Master6 program in high school, which in turn facilitated her participation in many activities.

Played volleyball for 7 years.

Attended the 23rd national Antalya Mathematics Olympics.

Completed first aid training.

Received attendance certificates from the MOVE UP and MUN conferences.

For contact: nora.msanc@gmail.com

Amin Alasfar

National Officer on Human Rights & Peace

Amin Alasfar is a 5th-year medical student from Syria, studying at Near East University, aspired to be a plastic surgeon.

He was elected as the National Officer on Human Rights and Peace (NORP) for the term 2020-2021.

Served as a National Official on Human Rights and Peace for the second consecutive year. 

Was the Capacity Building Director for NEUMSA for the term 2018-2019.

Attended AM2018 in Taiwan as a General Delegate and attended EuRegMe20 as a NORP.

Official speaker at The International Global Health Congress 2020.

The first official speaker from MSANC for an IFMSA official event – OPEN SPACE – The World Human Rights Day (WHRD) 2020.

For contact: msanc.norp@gmail.com

Rahaf Alalami

National Officer on Public health

Rahaf Alalami is a 3rd-year medical student studying at Near East University. 

She was elected as the National Public Health Officer for the term 2020-2021.

Has previously partaken in MSANC as the Director of Projects and Activities, which motivated her to pursue a position she has always been passionate about, which is becoming the National Officer of Public Health.

She is always the one to perk up at any opportunity that involves helping others. This encouraged her to pick medicine as a future career. She has also taken classes on environmental management in order to be fully aware of what could possibly harm the earth.

Acted in Shakespeare plays and participated in “think science” competitions conducted by her school. 

She looks forward to advancing her knowledge and becoming more proactive in her society and in MSANC. 

For contact: msanc.npo@gmail.com

Fatemehossadat Ekrami

National Officer on Medical Education

Fatemehossadat Ekrami is a 2nd-year medical student at Near East University, from Iran, who aspires to become a successful surgeon.

She was elected as the National Officer on Medical Education (NOME) for the term 2020-2021.

When she was 10, she got curious about ways to help others. From that time she started her small steps to help develop her society. Her attention to needy people is exemplary. She believes that a person should have 4 main elements “humanity, conscience, equality & justice”.

From 2013 till 2015, she used to present yearly scientific conferences with her team at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. For 3 successive years, they became the first confirmed groups to participate among approximately 150 teams. 

Used to play professional basketball for 5 years; however, her medical career dream and full-time study schedule made her stand away from sports.

Believes that we need unity & peace to have a better world, regardless of gender, skin, colour, religion, language & nationality. She further believes that we are all made from the same great creator.  

Last but not least, she believes that love & kindness are parts of our souls, but because of the earth body, humans tend to forget their origin, so we must start working on ourselves and try our best to build a greater earth which is worthy to leave for the upcoming generation.

For contact: msanc.nome@gmail.com

Supportive Division

Aya Ali

Director of Projects & Activities

Aya Ali is a 2nd-year medical student from Jordan, originally from Palestine, studying at Near East University, who is looking forward to being a successful doctor.

She was elected as the Director of Projects and Activities for the term 2020-2021.

She is an enthusiastic undergraduate who aims to do something great in her life. To her, building a medical career is not only about studying or knowing it all, but also about being creative and having a wide imagination and the ability to find smart solutions on the spot.

Loves creating and editing projects as she has the ability to take care of every single detail.

Participated in MSANC to accomplish her goals in doing something great, and connecting her medical career to life experience. Step by step, we believe she will achieve the success she is seeking which must be unforgettable.

For contact: msanc.pa@gmail.com


Director of Publication & Communication

To be filled

For contact: msanc.pc @gmail.com

Supervisory Board Members

Aysu Özbek

NEU Supervisory Board

Aysu Özbek is a 1st-year medical student from Turkey, studying at Near East University.

She was elected as the Supervisory Board Member for Near East University for the term 2020-2021.

A Project Manager at TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation in Turkey).

Was part of various scientific projects during high school, and took a part in the Tubitak Science Fair and competition.

Aims to be a successful doctor and contribute to research and projects beneficial to humanity concerning health.

Played the piano for 6 years. Performed at Fine Art High School for 3 years and gained the ABRSM/Royal Academy of Music-Grade 3 piano certificate. She believes that playing the piano allows us to be more creative and productive.

Last but not least, she likes researching, creating new projects, and developing herself. Furthermore, she enjoys playing volleyball, taking well-exposed photos, pencil drawing, and swimming.

For contact: msanc.sc@gmail.com


EMU Supervisory Board

To be filled in MSANC upcoming National General Assembly (NGA).

For contact: msanc.sc @gmail.com


KU Supervisory Board

To be filled in MSANC upcoming National General Assembly (NGA).

For contact: msanc.sc @gmail.com