Medical Students' Association of Northern Cyprus

We are medical students from all over the world studying in and representing all medical students in Northern Cyprus.

MSANC was founded in order to help medical students express their thoughts and feelings, to educate them about health and their environment and to provide them with exchange programs which exposes them to new experiences, technologies and ways of living.

MSANC also targets the general population by providing awareness programs and simple educational knowledge about common diseases and infections.

We urge you to join us in our journey of building a better future for you, for your beloved ones, for Northern Cyprus and for the world.

Who is it for?

It is for everyone who wants to have a better life & future.
Everyone is welcomed to join us in our events, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, size or appearance. Furthermore and most importantly, everyone will be treated equally.

Sunday Series

Our current president came up with a simple educational idea which might help in increasing the awareness among the general population.

Every Sunday, our NOME with the help of members of the Executive Board & Director of publication, will share informations about a common disease or infection, it’s signs and symptoms, and methods of treatment and prevention. 

Sunday Series will be shared on this website along with all our social media platforms. Stay tuned and updated, learn more with us and share the knowledge with people you love. 

“Prevention is better than cure”


MSANC directors are constantly learning and working in their fields in order to support their NMO to their best capabilities. 

Each director has prepared a 6 month plan regarding their activities and events. Their work will be shared among the Local Committees equally so no one is left behind and everyone benefits from them.

Posts will be shared each month by directors according to their respective standing committee. These posts mostly covers important days or topics which is crucial to know and share. In case a symposium, walk or stand is to be made, we will be notifying everyone. So lookout for our posts and upcoming events.

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